David Mainieo

David Mainiero

David Mainiero Restaurants

Hi I’m David Mainiero i’m nationally known for opening restaurants that work.

David Mainiero was born into a family that has been in the restaurant business since 1950,  David Mainiero’s name is synonymous with dining. As David has quickly has become the Standard of a restaurateur with award-winning, four-star menus, hip, big city ambiance and always an A-list crowd. In a world where style is knocked off and mass-marketed at the speed of light, Mainiero is keeping alive those most endangered of artistic species: experimentation, risk-taking, innovation and originality.

David is now turning his attention to the California market and expanding into Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

Mainiero has worked with many celebrities and athletes including David’s clientele boasts a collection of celebrities, politicos, and bizfolkincluding: Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Timothy Hutton, Tom Beringer, Diana Ross, Michael Bolton, Andre Agassi, Phil Donahue, Marlo Thomas, Martha Stewart, Mickey Sherman, F. Lee Bailey, Jim Palmer, Mario Lemeiux, Barry Sanders, Harry Connick Jr, Jill Goodacre, Moe Vaughn, Bob Murphy, Mayor Hugh Carry, Gavin McLeod, Jimmy Dean, Alexander Julian, Chris Berman, Gene Wilder, Linda Blair, Scott Sharp, Nicollete Sheridan, Patti Hansen, Myron Guyton, Mrs. Kenny G., Mike Lupica, Bryan Gumble, Victoria Jackson, Jim Nantz, Fred Couples, Blain McAllister, Dr. J, Meatloaf, Basia, Frank Gorshin, Jason Robards, Don King, Mike Piazza, Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, Clarence Clemons, Michael T. Weiss, Jackie Mason, Imus.

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